When we set out to design Ka Makana at Hoakalei, our first community to be built within Hoakalei Resort, we invited some of the best designers in the country to create architectural styles and detailing that were well proportioned and coordinated to create masterfully built and composed streetscapes and product mixes... Read More

Our beaches and surf spots are Hawaii’s playgrounds. They are places where we play and recreate, with our swimming, surfing, canoe paddling, kayaking, paddle boarding, body boarding and body surfing. Where we sail, wind surf, scuba dive, snorkel and water ski. Our shorelines are where we gather our food, whether it’s... Read More

I’d enjoyed going to Hawaii on family vacations and to play in golf tournaments for probably 10 or 12 years when I first heard of the opportunity to be involved in the design of the golf course at Hoakalei. Saying ‘yes’ was one of the easier decisions I’ve had to make in my professional career! It is just the most... Read More