Ewa Beach Fire Station

Dec 7, 2012 by Kenneth G. Silva

The Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) will open its new Ewa Beach Fire Station in late 2012. The new station, which is located on the corner of Keoneula Boulevard and Kaileola Drive in Haseko Development, Inc.’s Ocean Pointe community, replaces the existing one on Pohakupuna Road and is part of the City’s vision for Ewa that directs growth onto the Ewa Plains. Construction on the new station began in early 2010 and is scheduled to be completed in November 2012. Planning for the station began over 15 years ago.

The Ewa Beach Fire Station was designed by Kodama, Okimoto, and Associates and built by 57 Builders. It leads the way in design standards that benefit the City’s budget, protect the environment, and improve the fire fighters’ working conditions. It is the HFD’s first gender-neutral fire station, which makes it easier and comfortable for male and female fire fighters assigned to the station. It has individual sleeping areas instead of a barracks-style dormitory and multiple individual bath and shower rooms to ensure privacy and equal access. In addition to a three-story tower that will be used for fire fighting drills and training, it includes physical fitness facilities that can accommodate the entire crew; modern kitchen facilities; a conference room for meetings and group study; storage rooms; decontamination facilities; and a laundry area to keep harmful contaminates acquired from fires and other emergencies out of the station’s working and living areas.

The new fire station will be easier to maintain and more energy efficient, thus reducing maintenance and repair costs. It is also built to the Silver LEED standard, a nationally recognized standard for “green” buildings.

The new Ewa Beach Fire Station, along with a second fire station being built in East Kapolei and other fire stations planned for the Ewa Plains, are part of the City’s public infrastructure development plan for Ewa. While they serve as vital public infrastructure components, the Ewa Beach and East Kapolei Fire Stations are also models for future HFD stations.

Design and construction features of the new fire stations recognize the modern needs and progress of the HFD and the community it serves. New stations in strategic locations allow the HFD to meet its standards of coverage, which describe how quickly they should be able to respond to emergency incidents.

Since the mid 1970s when the Honolulu City Council designated Ewa as Oahu’s secondary urban center, there has been tremendous economic activity, housing development, and public infrastructure expansion in the Ewa Plain. The new Ewa Beach Fire Station location recognizes Ewa’s boom in residential and commercial development and places the new fire station closer to the center of Ewa Beach.