John R. K. Clark

John R. K. Clark published several books, starting with Beaches of Oahu in 1972. Can You Get Your Ex Back He interviewed hundreds of informants, including many native Hawaiians, and consulted Hawaiian reference books, newspapers and maps. This wealth of oral history and research material is contained in Hawaii Place Names: Shores, Beaches and Surf Site

In my last blog post, I shared with you information about Ewa Beach's shoreline playgrounds, stretching from Keahi Point at the entrance to Pearl Harbor to the east end of White Plains Beach in Kalaeloa. Ewa Beach also boasts several surf spots that have gained popularity over the years, and each reflecting a unique... Read More

Our beaches and surf spots are Hawaii’s playgrounds. They are places where we play and recreate, with our swimming, surfing, canoe paddling, kayaking, paddle boarding, body boarding and body surfing. Where we sail, wind surf, scuba dive, snorkel and water ski. Our shorelines are where we gather our food, whether it’s... Read More