For the past several years, I have had the great fortune to partner with Haseko Development, Inc. on the interior design of its model homes, first at Ka Makana at Hoakalei and now with Kipuka. For us, there is a definite process we follow when it comes to furnishing the model homes: WHO ~ we start with a conversation with our client to... Read More

We often get asked why the communities that we build look as good as they do. And the answer is that it’s not by accident. It’s all part of the visioning process we go through long before construction begins, and it includes the thoughtful integration of design, lifestyle, culture and history to create lasting projects.  In the... Read More

Our beaches and surf spots are Hawaii’s playgrounds. They are places where we play and recreate, with our swimming, surfing, canoe paddling, kayaking, paddle boarding, body boarding and body surfing. Where we sail, wind surf, scuba dive, snorkel and water ski. Our shorelines are where we gather our food, whether it’s salt, seaweed, sea... Read More